832 not to see Xiao Marshal

  After the evening Gu Sheng-hung back home, put the temperature nine to go to the capital of thing, talk a bit with his son.
  Because Gu Hong Sheng know, Xiao Yu is in the capital, Wen nine said over and over again, take him to the capital to find a new school for his teacher, so he was a bit excited eyes wide open, watching the temperature nine asked:
  ”Mother, say you find a new husband, is the last Marshal uncle said that the railhead Confucianism Mr. Zhou Lao it?This will go to the capital, then, is not it also be able to see Marshal uncle?”
  Gu Hong Sheng looked like excitement, warm the hearts of nine, some sorry.
  Gu Sheng-hung on to speak to Mr thing, he told Lu Liang said, according to Liang said Lu, who teach in the capital looking for Mr. Lu Lian, not ZHOU Zhang Ru.
  Mr. Zhou La上海夜网o man, big name very, very big temper, not ordinary people can please get.
  However, Lu home to find the two children, sir, is not bad, is a Mr. Xu, in the capital is famous scholar.
  In fact, nine Wen Zhou in the end who did not quite know what clever in place, the level of who Mr. Xu and exactly how, but she may have been prejudiced relations, Wen nine always think about the old man who ZHOU Zhang Ru the level will be higher bar.
  Last time, Xiao Yu mentioned to be helped Gu Hong Sheng worship into the name of Mr. Zhou Lao, and the opportunity they missed, but this time, just go, Mr. found, probably not as good as Mr. Zhou Lao, therefore, temperature nine pairs only son had such feelings of guilt.
  ”No, I heard that this time sir, surnamed Xu was a Mr..”Anyway, Wen nine or patie