Luo Mengying listen to her the meaning of words, BARS heart sigh, in order Liang Lanfen they almost collapsed, managed to stay up late to yuanba border stove shovel, Liang Lanfen underway unitary moths, most of the night without sleep, get up to help everyone do the laundry , pour sound crashed, scared educated youth who thought trouble thief, enough to pull his voice shouting catch the thief, frightened opened the room door, the door to杭州桑拿 see the strange figure drifting across the road, “the thief, where a thief, I did not see ah?”
  Middle of the night, almost scared to death of several people lying down.
  Depriving the educated youth who showered quickly to wash clothes, sun outside easily stolen, simply wet da da hanging in his room the next day to get outside the sun.
  Liang Lanfen the portrait of evil like unconsciousness, made everyone jumpy educated youth room.
  About change of Liang Lanfen, Xue Huahua also lacks the words to say, Liang Lanfen downright changed the whole person, the production team said she scolded awake Liang Lanfen’s sake, she felt on the contrary, it is estimated curse hard to put people to criticize silly , under the workers are not educated youth back to the room and excitedly went to the mountain to dig eggs, that is to allow youth room to play sumptuous meal.
  Do not say n杭州桑拿o dig dig to get eggs, is a Taodao to the number of educated youth room, a sumptuous meal?Do not hook more people get greedy thankful.
  Speaking of Liang Lanfen two interest is not too high, and turned away, then asked Luomeng Ying Xue Flower earn credits at the thing, before she can find someone to help share, recently, it