”Crash” sound, crystal lamps broken, loud noise.
  Teenager standing there, towering stature does not move.
  Behind a frantic flying debris and Baotoushucuan screaming hardy old doctor.
  ”People do.”
  Sun Liya Lu walked in front of the cross, throw away the hands of the bench.
  Sun Liya watching the boy in front of familiar and unfamiliar, perceived a keen sense of violation and.
  But she can not catch these offenders and silk feel come from the bottom.
  ”Bang when” soon, next door came the sound.
  Teenager suddenly sideways, out of the room.
  He next door kick open the door to smell the house immersed with a hint Xuexing Qi.
  The little girl stood there pale face, black hair loose, frightened face, clutching a sharp thin杭州夜网论坛gs.
  Such as what medical supplies.
  Her feet is a big scary black people, curled up crying.
  There’s blood on the ground splashes out.
  Lu cross standing at the door, the lights in the hallway, the house is dark.
  Su rain, only to see the little light inside the house through the teenager behind the scenes.
  Teenage then stood there, stood in the dark, his body seems to be something changed.
  It seems, nothing has changed.
  ”I hear your voice, it.”
  Su rain, although silly, but vaguely guess what happened.
  She did not want to become a burden to cross land, we found a dark pointy thing, courage, towards black people stabbed in the past.
  Where black people think, this looks nice soft, watching the girls run over a finger can actually have shot himself.
  A little preparedness are no black people and it was the Soviet Union rain to Liaodao.
  Of course, the most important thing is not to say Sun Liya hurts, just like watching.
  The man in black had also Xiangpaqilai a look see standing in the doorway of the unknown boy, decisive choice to play dead.
  Teenager stood there, eye color obscure, contains too many things.
  Only the sky is too dark, the Sovie北京体验网t Union and rain, big eyes full of tears.
  She could