But who knows, in the open?Dr. safe, instant touch that thing, the temperature was rushed nine bodyguards shot hit the chest.
  It seems that she is dead, but also through the?
  Wen nine are forced to look ignorant, this time, well, you see the other end of the ridge came a little man.
  He probably like four or five, very thin, dirty body, a look that is a child of a poor family.
  Small Wazi ran warm front nine, a flat mouth, soybeans large beads of tears drip down her cheeks, little face into a small cat.
  ”Mother, are you okay, really great!Just, almost scared me, whining.
  He said, little body, threw herse淡水桑拿网lf into the arms of temperature on nine.
  He cried, “mother”, Wen had nine empty head, as if a switch is turned on.
  The memory of the original owners, and instantly flooded.
  The original owners, also known as warm September, twenty-one year.
  The arms of the kitten, her son, called Gu Sheng Hong, five years old this year.
  Hung Sheng’s father was the second child in the village of Gu Gu two last year into the mountains to hunt wild beasts eat, Shiguwucun.
  Therefore, the temperature ninety-one crossing over, became a widow with a baby!?
  What is a ghost?
  Wen nine just looking for a rock to hit the die again.
  She is trying this approach into action, this time, the arms of the little guy, looked up and said with a small voice growled milk of:
  ”Nothing really great Mother!After that I will protect your mother, take good care 南宁桑拿of your mother, your mother will not let others bully a future study, admitted to fame, let your mother enjoying popular hot drink every day!Mother, I will do it!”
  Hung Sheng listening to this speech, I do not know of origin of consciousness in the brain cause trouble in the temperature nin