At the same time, the entire ice and snow of the Tianshan disciples all rushed out, looking at the snow-capped mountains direction, his face showing a very shocked expression.
  Tianshan snow-capped mountains is known as the Tianshan, because on top of the Tianshan Mountains this spring, so there is a long frozen.
  Tianshan snow and ice are a lot of exercises ancestral awakened in this snow-capped mountains, I did not expect today.
  Snow actually melted!
  Snow and ice on the snow-capped mountains that by no means all things, before they tried to get a snowball down from the snow-capped mountains, even if it is in the pot cooking snowball will not melt, even if it is pushed by infuriating never melted.
  Available today, high above the snow-capped mountains, it began a little melted.
  Peak has exposed rocks look like the color of flowers and trees, this scenario it is rare that all the Tianshan disciples do not know what happened.
  Leaf waste a long a dream to find his mother, and the mother sitting on a lotus flower, said she became the Goddess of Mercy, but when it’s bad fairy, lotus cold.
  White want to go to catch up with the mother leaves for heating, but