Xu Tong Tong listening, without any hesitation all the remaining three chocolate handed over her a clean pair of eyes which is full of curiosity, “the aunt was crying again it?”
  During this time, Xu Tong Tong often to Ruan, and rain and played together, so she also knows things Ruan.
  There is a rain water as mother.
  Cry, then it is a no, can not wait to put the entire old Ruan drowned, but why every time you want old Ruan flooded when rain father always wanted to appear as a hero.
  Nguyen rain bit his lip, a bit embarrassed, she was lying on the ear Xu Tong Tong said a word, Xu Tong Tong eyes open big, full of disbelief, “Really?”
  Nguyen nodded rain.
  Xu Tong Tong with a squirrel move the cheek, her brains of thought, after a long while, her eyes lit up, “You brought it down to see Aunt!”
  Nguyen rain广州桑拿论坛 nodded, put up the index finger to her lips softly hissed, this put his ear to the door, heard a long time, have not heard movement inside, this raising his hand knocked on the door, “Mom and Dad, can I come in??”
  Nobody time Ruanguo Hua, Fang Xiulan in the eyes, that is an old stream.Ruffian.
  The two are pro yet!
  Hear the movement of the door, Ruan Guohua reluctantly let go of their own savory soft wife, Fang Xiulan he helped organize a child under the collar, this cleared his throat and shouted “Come in!”
  Nguyen Tong Tong Hsu with a rain into the house.
  Xu Tong Tong particularly like to Ruan, Ruan entered the house because, you particularly comfortable little house, but it’s neat to pack.
  Each items are placed in a predetermined position on the ground useless soil Ke La did not say a small house rests on a table without a jar of pottery, pottery jar that inside interpolated..Flowers with a large bundle, Xu was picked morning, the small flowers also with this Purple crystal dew promoter, faint aroma exudes.
  ”Mom, Tong Tong somewhat worried about you, to see you!”Ruan munching chocola