He was removed several times finally return home, at that time the country has been to overthrow the feudal monarchy, big celebrity in the history of what he did not know, the crowd for many years, just have the opportunity to write a letter that he sent to a celebrity admired.
  Write a lot of things will happen in the future on the letter, eleven celebrities who confirmed, thoroughly convinced the letter said.He广州桑拿网 tried to turn the tide, before going on to stand up and stop.
  A few months, Zhang Ge to the newspaper that the death of the celebrity who – in the original history, originally a celebrity who can live well into a new era.
  After this incident, Zhang Ge vaguely understand the principle – trying against the general trend of the times people will be coerced and to the general trend of the times.Emperor in the republic in the Republic of China is destined to stand out in time to quell separatist ambitions also.
  He could do nothing, only watched everything shining history repeat itself.This torture is simply crazy Chang Ge.
  After the founding of the PRC, Zhang Ge became a science fiction writer, he wrote the novel brain-hole makes big sense of surprise, as if he had personally seen these things personally touched as.When reporters interv佛山桑拿网iew him, but Zhang Ge facing the lens broke down in tears several times gaffe.
  After recei杭州桑拿ving the plot, the value of jade on their own means to find a Zhang Ge, and personally contacted him.
  Write to exchange half a month, Heng-yu mentioned in the latest letter, he knew Zhang Ge is from the future, he wants to know the future of some of the body from Zhang Ge.
  This will be very beneficial to him to do things.Because he lived abroad, a lot of things are very difficult to intervene, he can do it is to fix a nu