That one said, Ruan Zhiwen gust of wind left the kitchen都市夜网.
  Fang Xiulan one, laugh laugh, “rain, do not bully your brother!”Paused, she pawing at the window looking out,” Tong Tong, really mean to your brother?”
  She did not ask, for your brother Tong Tong interesting, but Tong Tong brother mean to you.
  Obviously exactly the same sentence, the order is not the same, meaning it is a whole new ballgame.
  Nguyen rain sly smile, she shook her head, “That I can not guess!”Can it interesting, it may depend on the parties.
  Ruan Zhiwen run fast, even ran the fastest speed, some brake car almost hit him Xu Tong Tong.
  He was gasping for breath, comfort, “Do not worry, the mouse that is not scary!”
  Xu Tong Tong was eating plum fruit, her mouth is too small, big, green plum fruit, a plug in, she was completely say the words, only to see little face like a hamster, a drum of a drum, her ey北京夜网es clean outrageous, such as talking, asking, “What are you talking about?”
  Ruanzhi Wen Hui Tong Tong looked like this, where they could not understand, he was feeling a little sister to flicker.
  Xu Tong Tong Where are scared rats, which she obviously is very, very good.
  Ruan Zhiwen some Xiunao scratched his head, he picked苏州夜网 up a straw hat on the ground, covered in Xu Tong Tong’s head, he or she says, “stupid death, almost cheated of it!”
  This, in fact, more like a curse in their own.
  Xu Tong Tong somewhat puzzled, her straw hat raising his hand to take the slow down, eyes open big, curious, “Who is it stupid?”
  This two-clean eye on.
  ”You’re stupid” word, Ruanzhi Wen also not say how he lost the battle to the next, “who did not stupid,I curse sparrow eating fruit!”He said, shoving the sparrow hundred too, only half flesh plum branches to pull down, deliberately looked to Xu Tong Tong,” You see!”
  Xu Tong Tong nodded seriously, whispered, “That’s really stupid sparrow, do not know the fruit eating before you go, you stay bac