Fangfei new masters waist like a willow in the spring, in the case of small significant figure of the cheongsam, I feel the feeling of dice willowy.

Fang Fei and Yan Su exquisite language is just too maidservants, Swallows were sent to Chuxiu take her wrap, followed her to the lovely greeting to fei.

Yan oblique passing, seeing the white marble steps in front, Y121, could not opening [after a few towards the wind and rain, and now the various rules and then you are not the same.The most important rule is now hare苏州夜网m.You are always there, and basic than the inside part of your high position, be careful some.]

Fingers point on the jade, mouth slightly, “Do not worry, I was a palace where it graces?Besides the rules.”Looking at the red brick sight, the” alien came to the throne, was simply trying to follow the example of Han Chinese, who came up Shilao child toss the rules.”

Su Fang Fei looked exquisite finger, often in body jewelry mediocre, not only leave suet jade not all things around, this exquisitely carved light under tight, people’s eyes could not help but always look at the past.

Y121 exquisite told Su [not touched, he was found.]

“Rest assured, who want?”Sue’s fingers rubbed smooth exquisite jade, eyes smiling,” it is my.”She got this from someone else Y121, Y121 will not let fall into the hands of others head to.

Y121 some frustrated, and this demon Princ苏州龙凤419网ess binding on, and be able to complete the wish of those who commissioned it?

Soon to Zhongcui Gong.

Hui-aged approximately thirty, outside Yunfeng navy blue embroidered skirts, hair, giving her two small head, long armor points in Rosewood Eight Immortals chair, lower jaw slightly wide, falling pearl tassel ear, let that pearl her face looks a little wider the.

Su exquisite but glanced dropped his head, what she had done in the eyes of ordinary people is outrageous, does not mean she can act bossy, until the contrary is pampered, acting timid, often before going to sleep while