Ng上海夜网uyen rain got up, add water to the pot which, when entered, incidentally, add two drops of nectar, this Cover the pan, and who knows Xu Tong Tong sharp-eyed, her eyes wide round and smooth, full of curious hands pulling rain whispered, “rain, just what you are doing?”
  Nguyen rain and my heart thumped, she was just looking for an excu都市夜网se to stall the past, “pot of soup which did not cook, I add a little water, cook for a while!”See Xu Tong Tong really believed in, she grabbed Xu Tong Tong hospital later go back to say,” Mom, I took Tong Tong pick point plum fruit, your brother make it look Zhao Taiwan!”
  Fang Xiulan was in the kitchen chopping cabbage, hearing this, never looked up, “Go!There I watched!”
  And so went back private plots, Xu Tong Tong saw Fengyun bear rich fruit of the plum tree, eyes wide open, full of surprises “, this is your family’s plum tree ah!”
  Sheng Mei Shumao very green, green leaves, bright red fruit, look at the water’s population have come a little, Ruan this plum tree unexpected people, according to their originally thought did not eat very fast pace.
  Who knows, the more they pick, which is the fruit of the more long, jus广州桑拿t like chives, cut the crop of another crop.
  Of course, in addition to rain and Zhou Xiuying I noticed that other people really did not notice.
  Nguyen rain nodded, tiptoe, picked a few of the most picked a few red handed Xu Tong Tong, “try, just picked from the tree, and tastes!”Paused, she looked between a trench, a long lush water celery.
  Nguyen rain Gululu turning her against Xu Tong Tong said, “Tong Tong, you first pick the child, I went back to take a small wicker basket over!”
  Tong Tong Hsu politely nodded.
  Nguyen rain to the kitchen and saw sitting Zaotang light a fire at the Ruan Zhiwen, hook the hook fingers, “Brother, Tong Tong in plots ins