The more rain, said the glares of the greater promise Tong Tong’s eyes, in the end, her big mouth too long, against the common enemy, “I never thought Zhiwen brother turned out to be such a person, even their own sister bully!”
  She carefully counting down the number, “my brother would not have, I want the moon, can not wait for my brother to come pick me.”Here, her earnestness,” said brother too much does not work, and ah!This is not necessarily a good brother, also a bully rivalry.”
  Xu Tong Tong Nguyen and two rain echoed each other, I sentence you南宁桑拿, who runs sentence.
  Ruan Zhiwen next to his face black with the bottom of the pot, he clenched fist, pinch of cracking it sounds, “says not enough?”
  Amid silent, knowing that this time is a grumpy tiger brother, beard can not stroke.
  Tong Tong silly but why do not know, she Zhimeidengyan, even life with surname shouting, “Ruan Zhiwen, how you as a brother, even bullying sister, also in the presence of outsiders bullying, is simply an outrage!”
  Ruan Zhiwen think that this June the weather, the sky can be the kind of snow flower, he may 比窦娥还冤 vain ah!
  He looked Xu Tong Tong gas flushed, he softly coax, “Tong Tong, I do joke with sister!”Paused, he turned around and looked at the rain,” Little Sister, you is not?”
  ”Yes!”Nguyen rain crisp to be a cry,” Brother?”
  Against two pairs of watery eyes, Ruan Zhiwen deep to ho北京桑拿ld back anger back, struggling with his hint of a smile, very, very gentle, “Brother you do not really okay?”
  Nguyen rain shook his arm, OMG!
  This snake has a sick brother, j